GRAV Tankard Sherlock Hand Pipe Review

The GRAV Tankard Sherlock pipe is one of many GRAV Sherlocks in the collection. The unique feature of this pipe in particular is the slightly angled base of the bowl, thus allowing for a massive chamber, cool sitting position, and overall, slightly unique appearance.

The first impression after packing this bad boy is the size of the bowl. It is the perfect size in terms of the amount it holds, giving you the ticket necessary to leave this earth, as well as the timeliness you burn through your stash. Many pipes out there have these massive bowls that burn quick and, while delivering the necessary quantity, your eighth might be running lower faster than expected.

Delivery Method

The delivery method on the GRAV Tankard Sherlock is fantastic. When you take the initial pull, the smoke is cool and clean. You’re not shooting out smoke like Khaleesi’s dragons but it carries a decent distance when exhaled. Once you release that carb, it’s all over for you. Keel over in a heap on the couch, coughing your lungs out until the euphoria hits. Rinse and repeat.

The carb release on this thing is pretty epic. Be cautious because your lungs will turn into a fiery inferno if released too early, and too late it can be a little light on the desired effect. Part of the reason for this is the store of smoke the big chamber holds while you are sparking up. When you move your finger away, that smoke hits you like a ton of bricks.

Cleaning of this bowl is one of the easier ones we have had to deal with. Of course, res will build up over time, but a good cleaning can easily be done in under 5 minutes, prolonging the life of the bowl and the distinctive flavor profile of your preferred strain of the Devil’s lettuce.

The Verdict

Overall, the size, functionality, hit quality, and overall look/feel of this bowl make it fantastic for everyday use. Keep it clean to preserve those unique flavor characteristics of each strain but we recommend this bowl. It’s definitely one of the better GRAV Sherlock bowls on the market even at the slightly higher price point.

One thing we have noticed is the inventory for this bowl has decreased drastically over the last year or so. Maybe people were at home for COVID and learned the magic of cannabis? More likely GRAV could be slowing or stopping production of this particular bowl (not verified but seems like it). You can still pick up a few in the odd colors, but the main ones are difficult to come by. If you see one, grab it!

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