Who Uses Cannabis? Everyone Smokes Weed

I walked into the local dispensary on a Saturday morning and something struck me as I and other individuals were waiting to pick our tree of choice. Back in the day, and even growing up, the connotation associated with someone who smoked or used marijuana was one of a degenerate, someone who could not thrive in society, someone who was lazy and who would not live up to their potential. The functional stoner was a pipedream that through a lot of government restrictions was not believable in the eyes of the public. As society has caught up with science, and the positive effects that cannabis can have on an induvial are brought to light, the demographics of those who use cannabis have also changed.

Sitting in this waiting room were people aged 25-80. Truly a representation of Washington, D.C. There were people of all ethnicities, what appeared to be across different professions, and (although no judgement from this side) even various approaches to what they were there to do. Almost everyone was on their phone, not looking at Facebook or Instagram but instead looking at the menu; clicking through the different options of products, the benefit descriptions of specific flowers, and even how that flower was grown. Indoor vs outdoor, what the strain genetics were, the list goes on – all the weed nerd shit we love.

People From All Walks of Life

Once inside, some of the older individuals were discussing specific strains that may be able to assist with arthritis pain, sleep, and to help them relax. Someone straight off Wall Street was discussing how his daily anxiety was something he wanted to deal with but also needed to not feel so down that he couldn’t perform at his top level. The budtender explained the effects of five different strain options that had properties he was describing. The patient picked one out, said he would be back, and went on his way, choosing not to hold the door in typical Wall Street fashion.

What’s Changed?

There are multiple things to take from this story. First and foremost, as cannabis has become more culturally accepted, science and the investment in the production and manufacturing of cannabis has grown as well. With that, have come exponential innovations in the methods of delivery and variety of strains. This has allowed for an expansion of treatment methods for an increasing number of ailments. Further, the data that comes out of this innovative process is something people have access to and, if they chose to, actually understand.

An Informed Public Makes Good Decisions

Second, the more information the public has at their fingertips that is real and relates to specific strains and their benefits, the more informed their care will be. The dispensaries and growers to a certain extent provide the user with this information, but the more detail about how this product was made and how it can help your specific need at that exact moment is hopefully what the industry will continue to evolve towards.

Standing O for our Budtender’s Out There

Another thing that struck me was the variety available to the patient and the knowledge of the budtender. We all have that one budtender we love, who knows the ins and outs, maybe stashes an extra eighth for you behind the counter when your favorite strain is running low. The research behind these strains and knowledge that is imparted on these individuals has helped shape what the field of cannabis looks like today, and what it may look like in the future.

Everyone smokes weed. The people you least think smoke weed, probably smoke weed. Not all of us are the same, not all of us medicate for the same reasons, but we all love learning about what we are consuming, and making informed decisions to improve our quality of life.

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