Marley Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe Review

We were pretty pumped when the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon pipe arrived in the mail. We love our bowls, and we love Marley, so the combination of the two was supposed to be a Euphoric adventure the man himself would even approve of. While the ride still occurred, there were some bumps in the delivery. While the spoon pipe hits decently, there are some pitfalls.

Overall Appearance

The look of this thing is pretty cool. Colors are nice, they have a sweet logo, and the bowl is gigantic. That being said, it’s as flat as Nebraska. This bowl fits within the palm of your hand, but the lack of depth within the bowl itself leads to some issues.

Big Isn’t Always Best

As mentioned, this bowl is huge. Easily handles 1-1.5 grams of ground up funk. This is nice for the lack of repacking you need to do, but it does burn through your stash. Another factor to consider with this canyon of a bowl is overpacking is an issue. At times during use, the pull itself is not great as the smoke has nowhere to really go. The bowl is definitely extra wide, as advertised, but its like a jumbo jet at a private airport – a little overkill. Recommend a half pack for this puppy to maximize the hit or you could find yourself breathing like you ran a marathon.

There Are Better Glass Spoon Pipes Out There

The carb release on this bowl is solid. Finger on the whole…meh, take it off and its like a tractor truck just started in your lungs. Proceed to crumple over in a coughing fit, repeat the process a few times, you should be good to go. That being said, this bowls size and limit for chamber smoke intake prohibit massive hits. Expect medium to small at its best.

Another thing to consider with this bowl is the price. Its about $40 USD depending on where you get it from and it is a traditional spoon hand pipe in every sense of the word. It is not a big pipe, 40% of it is the bowl itself, so your stem is small. The Grav pipes similarly priced typically have more bang for the buck.

Overall 3.75/5

Overall, this is a cool looking pipe with an absolutely massive bowl that is probably too much. The appearance of this bowl is pretty nice, and the overall size is nice for easy transport in a pinch. It cleans nicely and does the job. It doesn’t hit as well as some of the other pipes we have used, and it will not be a daily favorite but it does look cool.

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